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MEET ME AT THE MALL: Canadian researchers have found a mall-walking program lasting just eight weeks improves physical fitness and quality of life. The University of Calgary researchers recommend mall walking as an effective physical activity option for older adults. The study appeared in the spring (2008) edition of the Canadian Journal on Aging.

Although popular in Canada, “Mallercise” is only now catching on in Britain. Each Wednesday, 15 regular volunteers walk “three glittering air-conditioned miles of food, frocks and indoor fitness” at Manchester’s Trafford Centre. The jaunt lasts about 40 minutes. Says Jean, one of the leaders, “You see the change in people if they keep coming. They lose weight and gain confidence . . . ” Source:


JOINING FORCES TO CARE FOR THE EARTH: In The Creation (W.W. Norton & Company), internationally renowned biologist E. O. Wilson pens an impassioned letter to a Southern Baptist pastor appealing for help to save life on earth. “Pastor, we need your help,” he writes. “The creation – living nature – is in deep trouble.” Wilson believes the only way the earth will be saved is if members of the scientific and religious communities join forces to protect the earth’s biodiversity.

Meanwhile, global warming experts call for urgent action in a new report, The Green New Deal, available at 100 months.


EDMONTON LAUNCHES CREATIVE AGE FESTIVAL: This year, Edmonton (Alberta) launched a brand new festival – the Creative Age Festival (June 2 to 8, 2008) -to celebrate the creative side of aging. Billed as the first of its kind in Canada, the festival recognizes the contribution of the arts to lifelong learning, creative expression and well-being in later life. The festival featured films, panels, intergenerational theatre, workshops and open stage performances.


STILL LEARNING AT 109: When Bill Shafer of GrowingBolder suggested blogging to Ruth Hamilton of Orlando, Florida, the 109-year-old jumped at the opportunity. Hamilton talked directly into a laptop camera and spoke her mind on politics, food, the meaning of life, poetry and Britney Spears. She completed more than 50 blogs before dying just before her 110th birthday. For the full report, see The Elderwoman Newsletter at ELDERWOMAN.

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