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BRITONS ENJOY LONGER LIVES: According to the annual report of the British Healthcare Commission, life expectancy is on the rise in Britain. Men are living four years longer than they were 20 years ago, while women are living three years longer. On the downside, serious disparities continue to exist between the haves and have-nots. And men from poorer areas of the country live for a decade less than those in wealthier areas. Source: The Guardian.


CANADA LAUNCHES NEW HEALTH WEBSITE: The new site features information on Canada’s Food Guide, healthy lifestyles and product safety. It also alerts the public to food items that have been recalled. You can use the site to bone up on your knowledge of food labels and to create your own personalized copy of the food rules Healthy Canadians.


NEW SERVICE BOON FOR HOUSEBOUND: After a massive stroke, Martina Devlin’s mother barely set foot outside her home in Omagh, Ireland. She was wheelchair bound and unable to tolerate sitting for more than a few hours a day. That all changed when her daughter signed her up for membership in the new Door-2-Door transport service. Now Martina’s mum looks forward to two outings every week.

The new service, launched by Northern Ireland’s Department for Regional Development, is available to persons with disabilities and those who find using mainstream public transport. Those 80 years of age or older are also eligible for membership. Services run from 7:30 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. weekdays. Users pay the equivalent of $10 Canadian per journey. For the same fare, a family member or friend can accompany members. Source: Irish Independent.

TRACKING WISDOM: The University of Chicago has launched a $2 million research initiative on the nature and benefits of wisdom. According to the press release: “It is difficult to imagine a subject more central to the human enterprise and whose exploration holds greater promise in shedding light and opening up creative possibilities for human flourishing.” Meanwhile, check out this cornucopia of wisdom-related resources: The Wisdom Page.