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LOOKING FOR A NEW CHALLENGE? How about a bone-numbing trek to the North Pole? That’s the challenge Barbara Hillary of Averne, New York, took on after learning a black woman had never made it to the North Pole.

Hillary is a former nurse and community activist, who grew up in Harlem. She never married.

At 67 and during retirement, Hillary battled lung cancer. Five years later, she went dog sledding in Quebec and photographed polar bears in Manitoba. On April 23, 2007, Hillary made it to the North Pole. The 75-year-old became one of the oldest people to reach the world’s northernmost point and the first black woman.

She hopes her journey will inspire hope in other cancer survivors.

Meanwhile, Hillary is plotting to become a global-warming activist.

Source: Globe and Mail.


"MOVE OVER, GRANDMA, IT’S MY TURN ON THE SWING!" This year, Germany launched the country’s first playground for adults. Not surprising perhaps, given Germany has the lowest birth rate in Europe. One third of the country’s population will be over 60 by 2050.

Preussen Park, a pleasant green space in West Berlin is restricted to "citizens 16 and up." It offers eight new stainless steel and red plastic structures, as well as oscillating leg trainers, flexibility machines, and a back massage pole that looks like a cat-scratching post.

The new playground has won applause from nearby office workers, who enjoy using the equipment on their lunch breaks. But, so far reaction from the older crowd is cool. Asked what she thought of the concept of a playground for seniors, one older woman said, "Forget it. At my age, nobody’s going to tell me what to do."

Source: Globe and Mail.