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A LEGACY OF PEACEMAKING: Physicist Ursula Franklin was born in Germany in 1921 and spent time as a prisoner in the Nazi concentration camps. Ever since, she has worked to build a society of peace, justice, and equality for all, "step by bloody small step."

In The Ursula Franklin Reader: Pacifism As a Map, (Between the Lines), she makes a passionate case for how to build a society centered around peace: "Peace is not just the absence of war but the presence of justice."

In the chapter called The Role of the Citizen in War, Franklin declares the citizen ultimately responsible for war because governments justify their defence policies by the state’s mandate "to protect the physical safety of its citizens by all means necessary."

Despite the present state of the world, Franklin, a Quaker, remains hopeful. "Hope is the dream that one can work towards betterment, that things can get better and they will get better for everyone."


THE LAST WORD ON GRANDPARENTS: Authors Peggy Edwards and Mary Jane Sterne spoke to many grandchildren for their recent book: Intentional Grandparenting: A Boomers Guide (McClelland and Stewart). Here are some of the things children ages six to 10 told the authors about their grandparents:

The world’s greatest grandmother:

Likes pizza and hanging out the clothes;
Is nice, rich and works in a candy shop.

The world’s greatest grandfather:

Climbs trees with me and gives me money;
Is nice, old, tall and fun.

If I could change one thing about my grandmother:

She’d let me stay up later;
She’d stop pinching my cheeks;
I would not change anything; I love her the way she is.

And if I could change one thing about my grandfather:

He would not get older;
He would get me a cat;
I would not change anything; I love him the way he is.


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