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The Butterfly Effect – One Small Step, A World of Difference


A growing body of evidence suggests older adults are redefining the second half of life as a source of social and individual renewal.

For instance, seven Canadians traveled to South Africa in 2000 to visit a friend. They came face-to-face with the impact of HIV/AIDS. They met many children infected or orphaned by the disease. Determined to act upon their return, they established the African AIDS Angels Project in Ottawa, Ont., and Victoria, B.C.

About the African AIDS Angels Project:

It’s a craft and education project in support of children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa
The project aims to heighten awareness about the pandemic and to raise funds to support those affected by the disease

About the angels:

Every African AIDS Angel is unique and lovingly made. Each one is given a traditional African name for a child who has been infected or orphaned by AIDS. The name tag carries facts about HIV/AIDS in Africa. The selling price is kept to $5 to give as many people as possible an opportunity to contribute and become informed. Craft materials are all donated. The angels are sold at special events and at some shops in the community
Angel-makers meet biweekly throughout the year
The group also makes student presentations and arranges angel-making workshops
Where the money goes:
All proceeds are sent directly to carefully-managed projects visited by the group or by reliable friends. Projects include orphanages, hospices and a hospital in sub-Saharan Africa. Over the past five years, the project has raised more than $150,000

Want to get involved or start a group where you are?
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