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Musica Humana: Danish doctors and musicians combine familiar sounds from the natural world with the rhythm of the human heart to create music that relaxes nervous patients, calms busy nurses, and awakens deeply anaesthetized patients.


AgeLab: Discover how pill pets, smart personal advisors, and home health stations may become part of your home decor in the future.

Confused by conflicting media reports on the latest drug or medical treatment to arrive on the market? Visit Media Doctor. The website is run by academics and clinicians from the University of British Columbia, York University and the University of Victoria who have teamed up help improve the accuracy of media reports about new medical treatments.


Editor’s Note: Our January issue on the middle years evoked a hearty response. AHB readers wished to draw our attention to the work of cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien. In her recent book, The Second Half of Life: Opening the Eight Gates of Wisdom, Dr. Arrien reveals how the wisdom of indigenous peoples can provide another lens on the middle years. For more, please visit:


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