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In Search of Your Dream Job


John has been an accountant since his early twenties. Now with early retirement on the horizon, he is looking for a new challenge. But what to do? The only world he knows is accounting. Like John, many midlife workers, find breaking out of the old job mindset difficult. So here’s an exercise to get you started.

D.A.T.A. Checkup. Your D.A.T.A. takes into account your Desires, your Abilities, your Temperament and your Assets.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What do I really want to do at this point in my life? (Desires)
What am I really good at? (Abilities)
What kind of a person am I and in what kinds of situations am I most satisfied and productive? (Temperament)
What advantages have I built up? (Assets) Think: network of contacts, sterling reputation, pension benefits, solid work ethic

Now study the results. Taken together, your desires, abilities, temperament and assets give you important data – a new core to build your work life around in life’s second half. Keep this exercise handy. And plan to update it once or twice during the year.

Source: Jobshift: How to Prosper in a Workplace Without Jobs by William Bridges