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Re “Grandpa Fosters Sense of Wonder” (AHB May, 2005): Eighty-year-old, Alex McKeague, retired scientist and father of five, gives “thumbs up” to Brian Swimme’s new video:

“The Powers of the Universe” paints a broad picture of the evolution of the universe, which is terrifically inspiring. Listening to him speak, one cannot help but believe that a creative force is behind the evolution of the cosmos.

“We have used our creativity and imagination to bring about great material wonders and powerful civilizations. We can shift gears and take on the Earth project,” Swimme says. Some initial steps include protecting habitats for endangered species and reducing the birthrate by giving women equal rights. Visit:

- Alex McKeague, Ottawa

Spiritual Eldering

Rather than backing into old age with fear and avoidance, Spiritual Eldering invites us to discover and gather the wisdom of our life experience to enrich the present moment, face our mortality, repair and heal our relationships, and take an active leadership role in society.

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, author of Sage-ing and Age-ing, established the nondenominational program to meet the needs of elders because “every life matters immensely and every well-lived and completed life helps in healing the world.”

- Evelyn Dilger, Cincinnati, Ohio