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Leaving an Environmental Legacy


“Grandpa planted a small pine tree in the backyard for each of his grandchildren. My tree is there and it’s going to grow up at the same time as me.”
– Solange Lefebvre, “Grandparenting – a Revelation”

Today we all face a special challenge in restoring balance to our planet. If you treasure a special bond with the Earth’s gifts, you may want to leave an environmental legacy to a loved one. Here’s one strategy:

1. Choose several of the earth’s gifts that have special meaning for you. They might include a constellation, a pussy willow, a bird song, an old dirt road, or a favourite tree.
2. Now draw, paint, take a photograph, or find a magazine picture of two of the gifts you have selected.
3. Identify two heirs to whom you would wish to leave these gifts as legacies.
4. Formalize your gift by writing on each:

“To________________, I wish to leave _________________because ____________________.”

Adapted from Jubilee Time (Bantam Books) by Maria Harris