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Growing Old: “Something Worth Trying To Do Well”


Elizabeth Jane Howard is the author of thirteen novels including the Cazalet Chronicles. She was born in London, England in 1923. She has been married three times, most famously to Kingsley Amis. In her recent book, Slipstream: A Memoir, she writes:

One of the good things about living longer is that we have more time to learn how to be old. It’s clear to me now that inside the conspiracy of silence about age… there is the possibility of art: that is to say that it can be made into something worth trying to do well, a challenge, an adventure. I don’t want to live with any sort of retirement, with nostalgia and regret wrapped around me like a wet blanket. I want to live enquiringly with curiosity and interest for the rest of my life.

Slipstream: A Memoir is published in London by Macmillan.