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New Diabetes Care Card Welcomed


Natalina Fragale pulls out her wallet and shows 70-year-old Abedeen Ramtulla, the Diabetes Care Card she received from her niece that morning. Like Natalina, Abedeen, has diabetes. Natalina has filled in the card and is planning to keep it with her.

The Diabetes Care Card for older adults is the brainchild of the Canadian Ethnocultural Council (CEC), a non-profit coalition of national ethnocultural umbrella organizations playing a leading role in the study, publication, and development of resources dealing with Type 2 Diabetes. You can check out CEC’s many resources at

The Diabetes Care Card is a pocket-sized creation that you can fill out and keep with you at all times. In case of emergency, this handy card will inform others of your condition. The cards are currently being translated into 9 languages. To request a card, contact Dr. Susan Eapen at 613-230-3867 ext. 225 or by email at sucyeapen @